Bathmate – The Water Penis Pump

Bathmate is a very popular brand of penis pump that uses water pressure instead of an air vacuum. It is in fact the very first pump to use hydro based pressure. The advantage of this is that it provides a more even distribution of pressure along the penis than air pressure could provide. Using this method of causing engorgement of blood will yield faster results in size increases than using an air pressured pump. I know from experience that its more comfortable to use than the air pressure pumps with significantly less occurrence of blisters or edema. Also, something I should mention that using warm water but not so hot that it is uncomfortable will help slightly with the blood tissue expansion by causing the blood vessels to dilate more. Over one million satisfied customers can’t be wrong!


What Is It Mainly Used For?

The Bathmate is mainly for increasing size in girth and to a lesser degree length. Penis length is generally over rated with a too long schlong being uncomfortable during sex with a woman, slamming against the cervix too vigorously. When asked how big a mans endowment is vast majority of times what is meant is the length of the penis. However, if you want to pleasurably stretch the side of her walls where a lot of the nerve endings are around the entrance then girth is where it is at. So if your coming up to 8 inches then you might want to focus on width instead.

An bonus that you may find is with the regular sessions with flooding your penis with extra blood that over sometime the quality of your erections improve. A bonus that I personally experienced and was surprised about was that it helped me last longer in the bed. Not sure exactly what would be causing that but it was a nice side effect that made a note of.

Pumping Routine

With regular use your phallus will get accustomed to holding more blood in the two main arteries(the corpus cavernosum) that run down either side of the shaft. When using the Bathmate you will get the temporary swelling(lasting a few hours) and the permanent gains in size that take much longer to acquire.

When first using the Bathmate use the pump when in a flaccid state for no more than 10 minutes at a time per session. Within this session you can divide the 10 minutes into two, 5 minute intervals with the pressure applied with a break of a few minutes in between. In fact this is advised as better results are obtained by forcing blood into the penis and then releasing and quickly pumping blood back inside again repeating this every once in a while during a session.

The permanent increases in size will happen a lot faster and more easily for the first month of use as can be expected. Your body generally does adapt well to a new stimulus when first introduced. Once you have got used to using the pump for the first month to keep the gains coming at steady rate you can start using an erection for a more intense pumping session which increases the pressure you will experience. The length of the session can also be increased to 15minutes. To add a bit more of a growth stimulus to your sessions you can incorporate a few jelqing sets and other hand exercises into your pumping session.

About the temporary swelling – the very first time you use the Bathmate for a session you will notice that you get a substantial increase in girth such as half an inch increase for a few hours. This duration of time that you have this increase in girth is meant to increase as you use the pump regularly. This temporary increase in size can be perfect for improving the quality of sex shortly after your session with the ability to ‘fill up’ your partner a lot more.

How Often And When Not To?

I personally find that I prefer to give a day and a half between pumping sessions to give enough balance between stimulus for growth and enough time for repair. This all depends on how your body reacts and your preference. Quite often however I do a few sessions about 24 hours apart to shock the body into growth just like if it was weight training in the gym.

You will know if your over training your penis and breaking down the tissue more than you are repairing when you start to find it harder to achieve a full erection. This could very well be a sign that you may need to stay away from another session for a few days. Once your erections are back to normal your good to go again. Just like gym training growth happens when resting between the sessions not during the actual physical activity.

Also, a different sign that you might be pushing things a bit too hard with the Bathmate is when you start to develop discoloration along the shaft from broken blood vessels. When this happens it is usually from having the pressure a bit too high with the session lasting too long. If this gets bad take a few days off and see if the discoloration goes away. If the purple bruising appearance goes away but there still is some darkening of the skin this is thought to be from iron deposits left behind in the skin. I found vitamin C and the enzyme Bromelin which is found in pineapple useful for removing this.

My Advice

To keep consistently at an exercise it needs to be fun which the Bathmate definitely is over all the other hand exercises.

I would without a doubt would choose the Bathmate if you are regarding getting a penis pump. To get the best Johnson around you need more than one weapon in your arsenal and its much harder to go overboard when it comes to girth as previously discussed. Finally, no other exercise gives you a dramatic increase in size that very same day with the temporary size through the swelling effect.




  1. I always find your content interesting with all the proper do’s and dont’s on increasing girth size and lengthening as well. It is actually more educational because of the manner you share it, giving us all information according to your experience. 

    With your pumping procedure, how long would it last to stay in its much increased size? What would happen if you suddenly stop the pumping exercise, let’s say for about a month? And lastly, does Bathmate’s Water Pump goes with a direction or manual on how to do it properly? If it does, I hope it’s easy to understand because the company needs to consider the language skills of consumers from other countries. 

    This can be a great gift for close friends. People should not shy away from trying out things like this. Again, it was a good article. I think there is not much competition in this type of niche.

    • The definite advantage with this exercise is the extra size straight after use. This extra girth lasts from a minimum of 2 to about a maximum of 8 hours. Really depends on the intensity of the session and  on the individual. Just a warning don’t start off too intensly. The optimal girth might decrease after 2 to 3 hours but there will still be a bit more girth near the 6-8 hour mark. I noticed a good amount of engorgement the first time I used it but other guys have stated that their temporary girth gain increased as they became more accustomed to the pump. 

      If you stopped using the Bathmate for a month there would be some permanent growth that you would keep and there would be some loss of the gains that were acquired however this could be regained after a week or two after pumping again. In this way it is no different than lifting weights at the gym which I’m not the first to compare it to even though we are dealing with mainly connective tissue and some smooth muscle in this case.

      I bought the bathmate a few years back. It did come with a manual booklet that was several pages long. From memory I think it was written in a few languages including English. The sell a few accessories with the pump aswell.

      Hope that helps.

  2. There’s really a great market for penis enlargement products. Perhaps, having a large girth for men matters. Whatever reasons they have, the market doesn’t decrease when it comes to items like these. In fact, there are existing network marketing companies selling these kinds of products. That’s enough proof.

    As for this content, I never thought there’s such thing as water penis pump until I came across with this one. The review is very comprehensive enough to inform people who are unaware of its existence, at the same time, convince that the product helps in enhancing the size. Kudos to the author for the job well done.

    • Thank you. Yes there has been an increase in the amount of products for male enhancement in recent years. Obviously there wouldn’t be so many products if there wasn’t such a demand. 

      This water based pump is definitely better than the air pressured ones. The popularity of it proves this point.

  3. This Bathmate Water Penis Pump is a new tool that I had not read about until coming across your review. It sounds very promising and more effective than some of the other vacuum-based pumps that can cause pain and edema. I like the idea of using the warm water to surround the penis with, That makes sense that it will open the capillaries for better blood flow.

    Is this tool available on Amazon only or are there other online sites to order it? I am in a location that Amazon does not offer this type of device, so I would have to use an alternative source to get it. I noticed that you did mention a specific amount of growth you might expect over time.

    That makes sense to me and actually gives me more confidence with your recommendation, as I have seen too many advertisements for tools that have unrealistic claims on the growth they can provide that is not based on any statistics or research. 

    You have sold me on this Bathmate Water Penis Pump and I will try to get one to see how it will work. Just about every woman will appreciate a little more girth I think, and even if the guy may think they have enough, having a bit more maybe is better for the woman (even if she would never tell you that).  

    • Yes that’s very true that women won’t tell you that it matters the vast majority of times as it will cause possible problems in the relationship or she might just not know what she is missing out on.

      The Bathmate has been around for quite a few years now. On my site you can buy it directly from the company. Click on the pump image. Not sure if Amazon sell it but guessing they do as they sell a lot of things. You could realistically gain half to three quarters of an inch in girth with regular use over 6 months and if you combine it with penis clamping that could be an inch. Have a look at that page aswell. An inch is a huge increase if you think that the volume of a circle grows exponentially with an increase in circumference. I should make that clear that when I’m talking about an increase of an inch in girth I’m referring to the circumference which means also a bigger diameter anyway. The first one to two months will create the fastest growth but remember to be consistent with these exercises. With your training make sure you live a healthy lifestyle aswell.

      Glad you found this article useful

  4. This is an interesting tool, because I only heard about air vacuum enlarger. This is the first time I heard about water penis pump. I see that using water based pumper is faster to make increase the Johnson’s size, but is the end result the same with using air vacuum? Also, I want to ask another question. Let’s say I have achieved my desired size with this bathmate. Can I totally stop using this tool, or should I regularly use it? If yes, how often should I use it? Thank you for your information

    • The result will be just like the air vacuum pump but more successful and faster.

      Vast majority of the size increase will be permanent but there might be about 20% of the fullness that you might lose if you stop. This will be maintained with 2 brief sessions with the water pump per week which should be ample. 

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