Comparing The Penomet

Looking around on the internet I see there is another competitor for water based penis pumps called Penomet. It’s very similar in appearance and works using the same principle as the Bathmate yet this more recent brand isn’t so well known and searched for. I say more recent but it has been on the market for a few years.

Both around the same price range as each other but overall Bathmate comes out more favorably for the majority of customers. I will in the near future have to purchase a Penomet to give it a thorough comparison. In the meantime seeing what other guys say I get a good idea of how the two match up.

What’s The Differences

The Penomet only comes in one size (a whooping 11 inches in length) even with the four different package options to choose from. This however for the most part doesn’t seem to create as much of a problem as I would have suspected when looking at the responses of others online which is a little surprising. The different options are only different in what accessories you get. The adjustment with this pump is that there are a selection of gaiters to choose from, each allowing a different level of pressure to be obtained inside the pump.

Beginner level gaiter is called force 60, which is to be used when first starting off. There is the force 65, 70, 75, 80 and 85 all with increased levels of pressure.

The gaiters from this brand are made of silicon compared to hard rubber. The silicon is meant to be very comfortable due to its softness yet I never had discomfort with the Bathmate even when discarding the comfort sleeve

The gaiters are the soft, springy attachment joined up to the cylinder that you push against your body to generate pressure. Didn’t know what it was until I looked at the Penomet website, as its not one of the selling points of the Bathmate pump due to there only being one which is fixed.

Other sites I see that advertise these products like the Penomet make unrealistic claims of increases in length of 2-3 inches with these water pumps when they are more girth orientated. You will most likely gain some length but a 3 inch increase would be the outer extreme of what is possible when using multiple different exercises. 2 inches is a lot more achievable when combined with other methods. It will take time and consistency but a multi angled approach will give great gains in quite quickly.

Using The Bathmate Hydromax

When I talked about the Bathmate I was referring mainly to the hydromax model which is there newer more upgraded version, allowing 35% more pressure when compared to their original pump which is just simply called hydro model (which is slowly being phased out from the look of it and having a pressure comparable to the gaiter 60).

I use the hydromax series which I find provides more than enough pressure for a great workout with it being easy enough to go overboard with pumping too long or too hard. However, if you want to push your training a bit harder they have the hydroxtreme series with the addition of a hand held pumping device which creates even greater amounts of suction force. The hydroxtreme range allows for hands down the best pressure that obtained out of all the pumps of both brands.

Bathmate comes in a selection of different sizes with each series having 4 different sized cylinders to choose from. I myself find a cylinder that allows just enough room for a bit of growth but being filled up to at least three quarters with my appendage to be an optimal compromise so don’t know how this would work with the one size using the Penomet.

Ways To Get More Out Of The Sessions With A Given Pump

You will need to trim your pubic area to fit these pumps on so they provide I tight seal. It doesn’t take much hair growth to create a small gap for air to enter from the base preventing a sufficient pressure to stimulate growth. Amazing the difference it makes. I found that I needed to be fully shaved every three weeks to prevent this problem from occurring. I actually used veet cream to burn away the hair.

Using warm water before pumping and during to help with tissue expansion

Other techniques are performing kegel contractions to get an even better blood flow to create more expansion of the tissue. It seems like many swear by this method of using kegels during all these different exercises. I’m yet to experience the marvelous benefits from doing them.

Having an erection while pumping versus when flaccid. I myself never take full advantage of this due to having a mild bit of a curve upwards when hard which is never a problem except when inserting it into once of these water pumps so can only be semi erect at best. The slight curve causes scraping against the plastic circumference which is not the best as a little uncomfortable and just wanting to be more in the center of it. Unless your dick is completely straight when erect I don’t know how to get round this problem.

Also, having a pump which isn’t too large more in regards to the Bathamate

Changing Up The Routine

I got the hydromax x30 with it being too small shortly after buying it, in the following weeks of use in the cylinder with its diameter. Stepping up to the x40 model I found this a bit of a struggle to get the right seal and suction both due to it being quite a bit wider but also the additional length of the tube. However didn’t take long with my newbie gains using the extender to be able to use the hydromax x40 efficiently.

Now days it fits like a glove and if anything I have to relieve some of the pressure as what to gently cause stress and not annihilate the tissue. As mentioned before how I like to experiment I have changed up my approach when it comes to water pumping and instead of having quite intense sessions with longer breaks between them eg 36-48 hours roughly, I apply slightly less pressure and of a shorter duration but have the sessions every day.

I believe this has allowed for better progress and prevented any problems with purple bruising and discoloration.

From my understanding and doing some research it could be that only enough pressure is required to fill the two main cylinders in the penis (not the cylinder tube of the these pumps) to an optimal level for expansion of the surrounding walls and anymore pressure will only cause blood and fluid to leak out to the outer tissue such as under the skin where you don’t want it to be. This will cause the negative results such as the edema and bruising but without any change in the positive results with the expansion of the walls of the two blood carrying cylinders of the penis.

Final Note

As I said I’m yet to try out this other brand but have made good progress with the use of my hydromax x40 which gives sufficient suction and is more than comfortable enough. Have had it for around 18 months now and is in just as good condition as when I first purchased it. It’s quite a simple built device yet would have taken a while to perfect the construction of it and as the price isn’t that cheap I would expect it to be reasonably robust which it seems to be.


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