Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Quite a few of these erectile dysfunction pills are also sold as penis enlargement pills which is mostly incorrect although they can potentially be an aid to training for increased endowment. In a way they could be

They won’t produce direct growth but will assist with getting that extra pump (I have mean wanting to use the word pump as in major blood flow a lot but don’t want to confuse the words with penis pump) required for certain exercises.

Another way that they could help in growth is by containing nutrients for cellular repair but this is more of a marketing gimmick as its not hard to get this from a fairly decent diet.

When, it comes to the pills I always make a note of the ingredients. I’m well familiar with the typical list of ingredients that are in these bottles of pills. There maybe a few I havn’t come across but most of them I know.

I originally tried quite a few of these herbs for the purpose of improving the muscle building results from gym training as a lot of the herbs are meant to increase testosterone. Due to this I did experience a raise in libido which I found to be a nice side effect. I use the term herbs as most of them are but a few may not technically be herbs such as deer velvet.

And yes there was a dramatic change in physical composition with more fat burning (particularly of the face)at the start with the muscle building occurring shortly afterwards. Fellow gym goers mentioned that I had much more definition. Shirts felt tighter so it worked just as well in this aspect of physical improvement.

herbal viagra

Built Up Tolerance

A problem I found is that a tolerance gets built up with some of these herbs. Some may take several months of daily use before there is a dwindling down of potent effects while others lose their impact a lot sooner. That is what I experienced with boiling quite a few of these up as a tea or taking them occasionally as just a straight powder or in pill form. If given the choice I prefer these aphrodisiac supplements in their raw natural form or even powder as opposed to in a pill form making the exception of the occasional extract where not having it in the concentrated form would be impractical.

Even though these compounds in the erectile dysfunction pills are for the primary purpose of making a herbal viagra and likely as a secondary for sex drive when taken them in their raw form I experienced them in a slightly different way. As mentioned with my main objective being testosterone elevation I did as a result get a stronger libido but no direct erection improving qualities. Of course with improved libido and desire there will be some more frequent cracking of wood but they aren’t directly proportional. Improved erections would however significantly improve going from low to average testosterone but not so much from average to high levels like I experienced.

Despite this when combined together and sold as erectile dysfunction pills even with the small amounts that can be fitted into a pill, they do work as they claim, sometimes very well with working as a herbal viagra. Have tried some of these different brands out of curiosity and they can easily give almost steel hard erections.

I remember one brand I took where the blood flow felt like nothing I had experienced before with being so hard and engorged that was just under what would be described as almost uncomfortable ie it was perfect. Yes I have experimented with viagra before and I didn’t feel this level of blood flow. This would make it a great accessory for the clamping exercises where being as hard and pumped as possible is very beneficial and maybe to a slightly lesser degree with the Bathmate.

Anyway here is a list of the common herbs and supplements that I have tried by themselves of the years that you will often find in these erectile dysfunction pills.

Common Ingrediants

Tribulis Territus

Also, known as puncture vine, this sharp thorny plant native to eastern Europe and Asia was the very first of these aphrodisiac herbs/supplements I took in pill form and in its natural state. Taking in pill form had no effect however I was pleasantly surprised when boiling it up into a tea and drinking it. I got all the telltale signs of increased testosterone – bread growth doubled in speed, increased oily skin, short breakout of acne for 2 weeks and wet dreams which I hadn’t had in a few years. Unfortunately my tolerance to it built up only after 2-3 weeks.

Horny Goat Weed

Will often I also boiled this one in the form of leaves which again made for a very drinkable tea. The effects weren’t so pronounced at the beginning maybe because I wasn’t a newbie to these herbs but I did mange to drink this for many regularly for many months to come without a drop in the desired outcome and this did consistently raise testosterone with the elevated libido and that fast beard growth again. More than likely it will be listed under the name Epimedium.


This is one herb you will find very often this erectile/penis enlargement pills. There are many different subgroups of ginseng such as Siberian and Korean also white and red. I think the first lot that I had in tea bags was Korean ginseng which worked very well after taking it for about a week. Caused a little bit of mental stimulation so may reduce sleep a minor amount. Big increase in libido that last for a few days after effects kicked in. Lost being so influence shortly afterwards.

Deer Velvet

This is a great supplement that comes from the antlers of deer before they are fully grown. The extremely fast speed of growth of the antlers are due to a high abundance of nutrients and growth factors such as IGF-1. I can say from experience that this does increase testosterone when I took it in pill form. Later on I used it in spray form and found it to be a worthwhile muscle builder. So this is one of the substances which I found did increase libido when taking in pill form. I guess its due to deer velvet being quite powerful stuff and when using it having more isn’t necessarily better.

Have come across deer velvet before in at least one product for male enhancement.

Gingko Bilboa

An extract from the leaves of this plant has blood circulating improving properties mainly used for cognitive enhancement and not meant to raise testosterone. Had this plant with my favorite method of consumption which is in tea form. After a few days I noticed a decrease in the time required for muscle soreness to go away after a heavy workout at the gym which is a good indication of improved blood flow into and out of the cells. Improvement in mental function is a bit more subtle and didn’t have the chance to put it to the test but I did notice extra hard erections so it could work in penis enlargement pills though I havn’t seen it listed in formulas that I have checked up the ingredients of. This maybe due to it taken a few days to build up in the system to have the desired effects. Anyway like a lot of these potions listed it lost its magic shortly afterwards


I didn’t get much of the desired effects from this powdered bark of this african tree. I got instead an increase in body temperature as its also meant to be thermogenic and burn bodyfat which is another one of its uses, elevated heart rate, increased salivation and loss of appetite. Definitely not much wood cracking properties.


Grown in only the forest of Malaysia and Indonesia this highly priced supplement is highly regarded as a great test booster. My opinion is that it is highly overrated. Maybe my own physiology is very different with this one but I actually experienced absolutely nothing. Yes it was a bit of a disappointment. I did try it in different forms from a few sources. The raw product I had along with 2 different methods of getting the concentrated extracted product (freeze dried and heated) both in the more economical powder form and also in pill form. I tend to prefer powders over pills as you tend to get more bang for your buck.

I will not be surprised if you do find this ingredient in a lot of penis enlargement pills. Goes under a few different names such as Tongkat ali.

Butea Superba also known as Red Kwao is shrub found in southern Asia. Meant to have medicinal properties for treating erectile dysfunction and low libido. I took it by itself as a brown powder from the leaves for a few weeks. I didn’t notice any significant effect. This may be due to it not being a good quality, it not being a concentrated extract or I didn’t take it long enough cause I did read that it needs to be taken for a while.

Maca Root which is a fairly common food supplement that’s easily available. Native to South America this medicinal food is for energy, vitality, immunity and sex drive. Its meant to be consumed regularly which is what I did for a few weeks and I found that the result weren’t that amazing. I have also tried a few brands over the years and I got the same outcome. As its also quite cheap you can try it out for yourself. Does have a pleasant enough taste that can go well with food.

Stinging Nettle or Nettle Leaf is an aromatase inhibitor which blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. I tried this plant in pill form for two weeks and I didn’t feel much at all. Maybe it could have been the brand.

Macuna Pruriens also called the velvet bean is a legume that has a high level of the amino acid called L-dopa. This amino acid is meant to boost dopamine levels in the brain which is a neurotransmitter with many different functions but one of them is increased desire. I tried it and didn’t think it lived up to what I was expecting. A little unrelated but L-dopa is mainly used for medication for Parkinson disease but it would be in stronger concentration and has an additional substance to prevent the rapid breakdown of L-dopa in the body. I also doubt it would come from the velvet bean but probably made synthetically.

Also What You Might Find In The Pills

L arginine and l citrulline

Both amino acids that create vasodillation of blood vessels. They both convert between each other interchangeably within the body and so are closely related compounds. Most are of the opinion that l citrulline works slightly better as maybe this has to do partly with arginine not being absorbed well.

I used arginine and citrulline powder seperately and together mainly for the purpose of getting an extra pump of blood into the phallus when taken half an hour before use of the Bathmate. I didn’t get the result I was looking for and even without using the Bathmate it didn’t help with getting harder erections.

I found out that to get the result I was looking for that they both need to be taken everyday for one to two weeks. Therfore I gave this a try out and still didn’t get the amazing results I was expecting.

Maybe this might be a different story when obtaining it from a more natural form from a food with a high arginine or l citrulline content or in combination with other things as many say that watermelon jucie works well. However by eating a spoonful or two of each of these didn’t make much of an impact on me even after many days.

I should briefly mention agmantine which should have its own title really. You probably won’t find it in many erectile dysfunction pills but this is a metabolite of argnine which I think worked quite well. Had much more noticeable effects on erections through increased nitric oxide production. Also used pain relief, a mood enhancer, improved blood glucose levels. Again its effects were strongest when first taking it.

Surprising I have found in the occasional formula for these pills licorice root which inhibits testosterone syntheses ( I know as I have experienced this firsthand from licorice root). This could be added as licorice root does have some adrenal balancing qualities. I should add this is the raw plant root I’m talking about and not the sweet confectionery which will still contain an extract from the licorice plant.

Zinc is commonly found in the pills due to it being involved with testosterone production and general reproductive health among many other functions it has in the body.

Cordyceps which is a type of mushroom with many actions within the body one of them being improved blood flow.

For Direct Growth And Repair

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body and makes up a most of the contents of connective tissue. The penis is made up of a large amount of connective tissue so some penis enlargement pills also contain types of collagen.

Personally I think a little gelatin which is very similar to collagen in its amino acids, to work just fine coupled with popping a vitamin c once in a while. The vitamin c is meant to be great for synthesis of collagen. But depending on if you have a few extra bucks spare and are pushing your growth to the limit you can collagen buy from here.



  1. This is very interesting. I wasnt sure if I really had any experience with this topic. But looking at the ingredients and reading about the increased testosterone effect, I came across Tribulus. My son takes Bulgarian Tribulus and started this a few days ago for muscle repair. He plays tennis and has an inflamed shoulder muscle. The physio suggested it. Before that I had never heard of tribulus and here it is again !  Whilst I would not use these drugs, being female, I fully appreciate the importance for men both wanting better performance in the bedroom and the gym.  I think having an article like this to refer to is reassuring for men to know what is safe to take, what effects are acceptable and what might be worrying.

    • Tribulus is a good start for increasing testosterone. If the source of tribulus he is taking is working he should definitely be able to feel it within a few days of taking it. Don’t know about using it for an inflamed muscle. It may help a minor amount but if he wants to decrease inflammation of the shoulder muscle try some fish oil or tumeric. Tribulus I guess could be called a drug in the same way as tea and coffee. I don’t think it would have any negative side effects if being a female as your not introducing an external hormone however I don’t think it would nowwhere as effective.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I believe the natural way to grow an organ. Such drugs not only play an effective role in the growth of the penis but can also damage many parts of our body. As exercise refreshes our organs, it does its job in improving organs. By consuming natural foods, it is possible to refresh various parts of our body soon. I think the information you discuss will help many of us.
    Thank you for a great post.

    • Yes some drugs are damaging to the liver and kidneys with a long lasting result.

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