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With talking about all things about increasing the size of the manhood, I thought I would dedicate at least a page (or few pages) to how to achieve hard erections. Besides, it subtracts from having a big member if your blood flow to the groin is compromised. Having good quality erections will help out a lot with some size gaining exercises aswell, with the better the quality the more you will benefit from the exercise. This page is going to be dedicated to how diet has an impact on how good your wood is as it has a big effect. This may not affect quite a few of you guys especially the young guys who can eat any rubbish diet and it has practically no impact on how they can get hard but if you don’t wake up with a substantial morning glory every morning then this could be quite helpful. I’m going to keep this simple and not get too scientific with writing but will give you enough insight that you know the impact diet has on your erections which will be the main focus, although it involves the whole body. A nice carry over effect is that the whole health of the body will also improve as what’s bad for the johnson is also often what’s bad for the heart as they are both involved in the circulatory system. That’s an understatement of the heart as you could say it is ‘the heart’ of the circulatory system. I also have quite a keen interest in all biological matters within the body so I could go into quite some detail but I will keep it short and sweet. Anyway keeping it simple…

The Importance Of Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide (NO) is the chemical the body releases just prior to getting an erection. When getting mentally aroused from visual or physical stimulation for example nitric oxide is increased in the blood stream which causes vasodilation ( opening up of blood vessels) and in the case of the penis hard erections are obtained. Nitric oxide is a wonderful molecule in the body as it also lowers blood pressure in the whole body which is good for your overall health. Quite a few gym supplements also are marketed around increasing nitric oxide levels as it helps create a better pump in the muscles when working out. Point I’m making is nitric oxide is multipurpose with its benefits. This is all internal so I have never seen nitric oxide widen up blood vessels but from the studies it looks like no nitric oxide equals no erection. Testosterone is a more well-known substance in the body with also multiple roles. Sticking to what role it plays with erections is that apart from increasing libido it also boosts nitric oxide production. The difference with high vs average levels of testosterone when it comes to NO production probably isn’t that much compared to libido (which happens mentally, not physically). However low testosterone levels will definitely cause low levels of nitric oxide.

Healthy foods

What In My Diet Can Increase Nitric Oxide?

So now you know how that NO is important, what in my diet can directly increase it? Eating lots of beetroots or the more easy to consume beetroot juice while be one simple way as these high in dietary nitrates which will be a precursor for the making of NO.

Green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, kale and in particular arugula (also known as rocket salad) also have a high nitrate content.

Not to be confused with synthetic nitrates and nitrites that are used to help preserve meats which will certainly not help to get rock hard erections. If anything over consumption of these processed foods will produce elevation in blood pressure (BP) and inflammation within the body. That could go with eating too much meat in general, being that red meat is much more prone to doing this than white meat even if it is a relatively lean cut. So if you are going to eat animal products consume more the white meats or even better fish and seafood which can be beneficial for getting hard. Stay away from having too much of the red meats, dairy and eggs. Mentioning about red meat something that it does contain in small amounts which could help with nitric oxide is co enzyme Q10 which is good at lowering blood pressure if taken in supplement form daily. Your body also naturally makes it.

Garlic which is a great immune booster but also directly increases NO by the activation of the enzyme nitric oxide synthase from converts arginine to NO. It also indirectly helps with erections by increasing testosterone. I have experienced the vasodilation effects of garlic a number of times and I have found it very noticeable with the extra wood that it gives. You can try for an added synergistic effect of having vitamin c with your garlic. I havn’t tried this combo too often but it is well documented. Apart from the bad breath that it causes garlic would be one of my favorites on the list as it works so well quickly and for a decent duration eg 24 hours. Best consumed raw and you may want to chop it up as the exposure to air gives more additional health benefits. I put it on toast.

Onions, both red and brown will work similarly to garlic, being a strong pungent food which boosts NO directly aswell as testosterone levels.

Ginger again good for circulation and may help with test levels somewhat. An overall good medicinal plant. Anti inflammatory aswell. There is black ginger which I have never tried but am thinking of getting some in the near future. Meant to work in the same way as Viagra which enhances the effects of nitric oxide.

Dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa (but make sure low in sugar and butter) which has flavanols which help with nitric oxide levels so another food for hard erections.

Also, the class of foods high in antioxidants blueberries, teas black or green but I tend to consume more black, broccoli and other craucifious vegetables being a great choice, other vegetables and citrus fruits. The antioxidants with their many other health benefits also help prevent the nitric oxide being broken down too quickly.

I havn’t had that much promegranate juice before but I see it mentioned as a great help for testosterone and erectile health in general. Again make sure it isn’t loaded up with too much sugar. In a lot of cases its best to have the raw fruit over the juice as often the juice is poor quality, having been stored for months and lacks the fibre and some nutrients that the raw fruit has.

Some more foods you may want to try out to this long list are:

High zinc rich foods such as oysters or pumpkin seeds

Chamomile and parsley with their apigenin content which blocks estrogen and raises testosterone. White button mushrooms are also meant to help with this.

If your going to consume alcohol which will have negative outcome on your hardness, the only one which may differ is red wine again with it s high flavanol content and antioxidants but only in moderation!

Nuts such as walnuts that have high l-arginine content. I have read some studies that certain nuts with their particular fats aren’t testosterone friendly while other ones are. Don’t know how true that is as macadamias were the most test friendly and I didn’t notice anything while peanuts which supposedly not being the worst but weren’t rated that well I found were quite a good libido booster.

Watermelon with its l-citrulline content which is meant to be better than l-arginine as it lasts in the body longer. I personally havn’t noticed any great thing with watermelon or high l-arginine foods but I think that maybe from what I have read that they need to be taken consistently for over a week or two to notice the results.

Those are the main erectile enhancing foods I can think off the top of my head. There maybe some other minor ones that I have forgotten to add but those should keep you busy for a while.

So What To Avoid?

You will want to avoid excess sugars with some types being worse than others. Too much sugar will lower testosterone, decrease nitric oxide production in the body, stimulate chronic inflammation (creates a cascade of bad events in the body. Recently scientific studies have revealed how bad this phenomenon is) and also encourage the onset of diabetes (something that probably doesn’t effect you) which directly damages blood vessels and nerves. Some of the worst sugar are the common table sugar being sucrose, fructose and worst of all artificial sugars due to it being neurotoxic and impacting on brain chemistry. I believe the artificial sugar aspartame breaks down into the toxin methanol. Keeping this short sucrose breaks down into glucose (not so bad) and fructose which is a double whammy bammy. Fructose from sucrose, or fruit juice or HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) used in some processed foods gets processed in the liver and excess causes fatty liver and results in negatively causing bad lipid (fats) levels in the blood. Note that the fructose from raw fruits isn’t bad as its not so concentrated, has and has fibre which controls the rate of fructose absorption. So fructose in small amounts not much of a problem. Glucose shouldn’t be had in excess as leads to insulin insensitivity. Other sugars like galactose, maltose and lactose you don’t hear being so problematic. A good substitute is the natural sweetener stevia so choose foods containing it instead of sugary or artificial sugary foods.

Fats to avoid and which to have? The trans fats like in margarine are the worst. Also, PUFA (poly unsaturated fatty acids) with a high omega 6 content which are used a lot in commercial baking are fats that are to be limited. Some of the oils that come under this category are processed generic vegetable oil, safflower, sunflower, corn, soybean oil, canola oil and peanut oil. Walnut oil contains a fair bit of omega 6 but overall is more of a moderately healthy oil with its other good oils. The omega 6 content is inflammatory as opposed to omega 3 (also a PUFA) which are the goods fats that decrease inflammation. If you read about the damaging effects of PUFA on health they are referring to Omega 6. There is some disagreement but recently thought of as being not quite as bad as PUFA with high omega 6 are the saturated fats such as animal fats on cuts of beef or pork and in cream for example. These are inflammatory in excess aswell and cause bad levels of fat in the blood promoting narrowing of blood vessels over time. Not what you want when wanting steel hard boners.

Onto the good fats to consume omega 3s are found in foods like the fatty fish salmon, sardines and mackerel and chia seeds. With the decrease in inflammation a reduction in blood pressure will result.

Also, oils with healthy fat profile are olive oil and avocado oil with their high amounts of monounsaturated fats. The only downside with olive oil is that it doesn’t store well for long amounts of time when exposed to air and sunlight, aswell as when it is heated up when cooking causing its quality to degrade and change it to a less healthy oil.

How healthy coconut oil is debatable and should not be had in excess. With coconut oil even though it has a high amount of saturated fat its not thought of as bad as in the animal forms. Also, the medium chain fatty acids are meant to have favorable properties. It’s an oil that stores well and doesn’t change it chemical composition easily when heated which is a bonus.

A bit of an over simplification but lower blood pressure is generally better for your health than having a higher reading. More often than not when you go to the doctors, checking your blood pressure is one of the first things they do. So what that does that tell you? It must be have great wide spread importance in pretty much every part of your body and it certainly does alter how your phallus preforms (being only a minor aspect of course).

All the previous info that I have mentioned will play a role in BP readings but building further on it, avoid overcompensation of high sodium foods with amounts of salt in cured meats such as bacon, takeaways, canned foods, commercial soups etc.

Concentrate more on the eating of high potassium foods such bananas, coconut water, potatoes, avocados, beans etc. The lower blood pressure will help with the vasodilation and more blood capacity of your willy.

So What Is Chronic Inflammation And Why So Bad?

When it comes to poor diet choices and explaining why its bad in the body there is no of avoiding talking about chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is something relatively new that has got some attention on its importance when it comes to health.

Firstly I will compare it to acute inflammation which is a good thing and needed to fight infections and to activate healing of injuries. In fact, you will get acute short term inflammation from your penile exercises which would be something that you wouldn’t want to interfere with as it will help with the healing and growth process. By taking an anti inflammatory drug like aspirin, ibuprofen or something similar straight after an exercise session this would negatively affect this healing process.

A mild anti inflammatory diet won’t stop this process from happening (unless unless mega dosing on fish oil and turmeric and only right afterwards) but will keep chronic inflammation at bay which is what we want.

So the problem with chronic inflammation is that its an over active inappropriate response that isn’t solving any necessary purpose. The immune system is in overdrive and it takes a toll on the body. Metabolic problems happen gradually and it can encourage matters like, allergies, high blood pressure, accelerated aging, hormone issues, water retention, obesity to name a few. Hormone issues and high BP – not good for hard erections. By the way turmeric is a great anti inflammatory to take just don’t take it straight after a exercise session (whether bodybuilding or penile enhancement) as you want that acute response. Same goes with taking a lot of antioxidants within 2 hours of a session as this might help prevent the processes that occur with micro damage and you want a certain amount of micro tears for adaptation.

That’s an oversimplification of it but you get the point.

Having mentioned everything on this page if your young and/or have good genetics and even if with a crappy diet you crack wood at the drop of a hat chances are your blood lipid levels are still very good.

So there you have it. With diet what’s good for your hard erections is also what’s good for your body particularly that important organ the heart.





  1. very interesting read, definitely full of information. I had no Idea that Nitric Oxide is a precursor to an erection. In addition since I am very interested in health and wellness it is good to know that it lowers blood pressure. Especially thankful that you provided foods which are high in NO.

    • Yes everyone could reap the rewards of optimal nitric oxide levels including women. Clogged arteries and aging cause a decrease in nitric oxide levels. Look up on Google about improved aerobic levels after drinking beetroot juice for a week.

  2. This is really cool. I did not know that your diet weighs in the quality of your erections. I don’t have no problem now with achieving an erection but I do know that your testosterone levels drops as you get up there in age. And I would hate to use over the counter supplements like Viagra because of the possible side affects, but this seem like this could be a great alternative to that. I am definitely about to introduce more Nitric Oxide foods into my diet. Do you have nay more suggestions? Great article, very helpful.

    • Yes you will notice a noticeable effect if you include 1-2 cloves of garlic if you don’t mind the breath, some gently cooked onion or use raw red onion on sandwiches, drink beetroot juice and have rocket salad which are both high in nitrates. Also avoid excess sugar, deep fried foods and processed foods. Im sure that will be a great start.

  3. Wow man, you’re doing such a great job with your articles! I have to say hard erections diet hit home with me, because, I’ll generalise a little, men think of meat as a manly food – I need meat to be strong and work hard and be a man. But your article clearly says, nope guys, plants, fruits and bird food is what will make you hard, harder, the hardest 🙂

    Speaking of pomegranate, if you can get your hands on a fresh pomegranate fruit, make your self a freshly squeezed juice of 1 pomegranade and 1 orange. So yumm!



    • I have a keen interest in nutrition/human bio/bodybuilding etc. Eating lots of meat will cause acidity, excess inflammation, increased aging and even bone loss (you can Google it). As said there are benefits to having meat products occasionally and organ meats like liver may have great nutritional value once in a blue moon but a greater focus on plant based foods and proteins will allow for a much healthier lifestyle. 

  4. This is golden Andrew,

    Truth be told no matter how much I’d like to avoid consuming sugar, I always end up taking more because of the society, and the culture here in Malaysia where people add sugar in meals like there’s no tomorrow. I’m learning to reduce my sugar intake slowly and I drink my coffee without sugar but there’s a long way to go before I can let go of sugar from my daily meals. Is it healthier to have a sugar balance or no sugar intake at all?

    • Thanks

      It’s healthier to just have a greatly reduced sugar intake. Might be impractical to completely eliminate it. Modern foods tend to be loaded with refined sugars. A healthier option if you want something sweet is to get it from whole fruit or even honey. I didn’t mention it in the article but same goes with reducing refined grains like flour which are quickly broken down in the body and cause blood sugar to rise. 

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