How To Penis Clamp – The Underrated Exercise

Penis clamping is a very underrated exercise which uses a more natural method of enlarging the girth of the penis compared to using a pumping device. The risk of blistering and breaking blood vessels in the skin are much less. It is quicker and more discrete than pumping.

A product that can be bought on a tight budget and even though it works by a very simple principle this doesn’t subtract from its effectiveness. It is well worth it. How to penis clamp? you maybe wondering.

First you need to purchase a clamp which you can get quite cheaply from Amazon for $10. They are a multipurpose piece of equipment so are listed as cable clamps but in this case we are using it to enlarge the girth of our manhood. I personally use the slightly more expensive Zen Clamp which comes with silicon comfort sleeves. You can get this from eBay.

Clamp              Zen Clamp



You want to be fully erect before clamping. The harder the better. Then with a silicon sleeve place it around the shaft as close to the base as it will go. If you don’t have a silicon sleeve you can use a rag but the sleeves are quite comfortable. You will then enclose the clamp around the sleeve as tight as it will go. This will stop blood exiting the erection but will let a small amount of blood to still come through. A greater amount of pressure will occur than what could be brought on by an erection without clamping. This will stretch the connective tissue around the chambers that hold the blood and you guessed it, enlarge them over time which is aim of this game.

Have the clamp on for 5 minutes up to 10 minutes when first starting out for a once daily session. This time can be extended a bit more with experience or clamp for two lots of 5 to 10 minute bouts per session. 10 minutes should be the maximum time allowed and if there is considerable discoloration take the clamp off straight away. I should say that if your member feels a bit overworked a days rest won’t cause any harm.

A bit of manual stimulation or what’s referred to as kegels which is talked about later on this page can help pull more blood through to keep the pressure up which is what is needed.

Combing Hand Exercises With Clamping

You can also include several hand exercises during your clamping session to make sure your penile training doesn’t become stale. Adding these might just give enough growth stimulation if you reach a plateau, though clamping on its own is a great growth simulator on its own.

Some of these exercises while clamping are doing a single hand jelq. A two hand jelq would just be too awkward.

Doing the side bends by pushing near the head to one side. With the additional pressure due to clamping this will definitely be a double whammy as would jelqing.

Also, I see on the internet some guys like to kegel while clamping to supposedly bring more blood coming in for better pressure. This is one exercise where pills and supplements for extra blood flow would come in quite handy.

It didn’t take me long with including penis clamping to get noticeable increases in girth both in the erect and flaccid states. Make sure to include this great exercise into your arsenal of weapons for extra growth. OK on to kegels…

What Are Kegels?

Kegels are an exercise done to help with a number of problems around the pelvic area. They are a part of a group of pelvic floor exercises which are more often preformed by women than men but have their uses for men with improving sexual performance. Some of these problems that kegels solve are a leaky bladder usually in people over 40, help tighten the pelvic area after pregnancy and the things we are interested in is that its meant to help with harder erections and premature ejaculation.

You first want to recognize the correct muscles to use instead of using the wrong ones.

To identify the correct muscles to use when doing kegels, when next urinating, stop the flow halfway through and the muscles tensed up by doing so will be the correct ones you want to target. Do this for a few more times to get well familiar with the correct action required for kegeling. This will be the muscle located just behind the scrotum which you should be able to feel with your hand when clenching. However, this is just so you know which muscles to tense and once you know exactly how to do them stop doing them during urination as this can be counterproductive and actually weaken these pelvic floor muscles and cause bladder problems if done long term so says a lot of literature on the internet so there must be some truth to this.

With your newly discovered pelvic floor muscles you want to tense them and hold for a few seconds which will make a rep. You want a set of 10-20 reps with at least 1 set per day but you can do them twice a day eg once in the morning and again in the evening. Doing these kegels will feel difficult at first but will get easier with being to hold them more tensely and for longer per rep.

You will notice that while doing kegels with an erection that the tip of your penis moves up an inch or so. By hanging a towel on the tip while having an erection an extra level of resistance can be created if regular kegels become too easy.

The Kegel Antagonist

The exercise ‘reverse kegel’ exercise should also be used as with every muscle pair the opposing muscle should be just as developed to create even balance.

If, an overuse of kegels is used without any reverse kegels then an over tensing of these muscles involved occurs. The over tensed muscles will do little for premature ejaculation until the stage when you are approaching climax near the end when a well practiced strengthened kegel can be used to offset ejaculation for a short while. Throwing in reverse kegels will help with the relaxing of these pelvic muscles which will prolong the time before the approaching climax stage and so will increase your overall staying power.

Personally I didn’t find kegels worked aswell as what they were hyped out to be. Your experience may be a little better so still try them out and see what you think. I tried kegels out for quite some time and I could definitely feel that I had strengthened them a lot with being able to hold a single rep for 20 seconds or more quite tensely. There wasn’t much difference in erection quality nor that much in prolonging sexual stimulation before ejaculation. More recently I included reverse kegels and it may have made a small change with combating premature ejaculation but not by much. You could incorporate them when solely when clamping. So hopefully this page is useful with how to penis clamp and with informing you about kegels.



  1. Once again you gave a professional guide on how to help other guys in clamping. I must say in a woman’s point of view that the clamping tools you bought from ebay and Amazon looks safe and not overwhelming. Of course, I have no right to speak for men on how it feels to use it, but I can probably ask my husband. This seemed to me as an exercise to improve girth,as how you put it.

    It was good that you not only included the step by step process but what to expect as well, including the safe use of the product. I’m glad you explained that kegel is good for both men and women. I would like to try it just because I want to exercise my pelvic area. Thanks again, andrew for this highly informative article. I’m pretty sure people won’t resist reading it and find out how helpful your article is.

    • Yes and the clamp is very cheap to buy. It would be my number one product to buy within this site. Your husband and quite possibly you will notice a difference within 3 weeks of him using it for about 10 minutes a day, with two lots of 5 minute sessions with a few minutes in between to relieve the pressure. The only requirements is that when using the clamp he will need to be 100% erect with the aim of feeling a slight pressure pushing out on the sides of the glans. This won’t be felt at 90% erection. The veins will become a little more prominent while the clamp is on. That’s another indication it’s working. Also while he will have to adhere to a reasonably healthy lifestyle will doing this ‘training.’ This exercise is risk free just as long as the clamp isn’t applied for an excessively long time.

  2. Hi again, I kept reading your articles because I find it interesting, specially the way you casually yet very professional talk about penis clamps. That’s how it should be, no taboo around private areas, sexual health, etc. This part of the body defines us as well so we should talk about it.

    So if I understand correctly, clamps kind of slowly expand the volume of blood that’s can enter the hardened penis? Like blowing air into a balloon? And hand exercises are for tough it up a little?



    • The clamp slowly increases the blood filling capacity of the penis but stretching the connective tissue. Over weeks there will be a noticeable improvement both hard and soft. Hand exercises target a variety of aspects as there are different hand exercises. Some stretch pull on ligaments to elongate them for length and others through forcing blood like with the jelq exercise create a bigger blood carrying capacity. Yes I’m quite liberal about it.

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