Male Enhancement – The Magic Of Cell Splitting

The great thing about male enhancement is that the gains in size that are obtained are for the most part permanent due to an increase in the number of cells except for things like the temporary increase with penis pumps for example. This is in contrast to the size increases of lifting weights at the gym where there are size increases in the muscles which if left with very little physical stimulation will start to decrease back down in size after a few weeks. The increase in size from bodybuilding is due for the vast majority to an increase in cell size as opposed to an increase in cell number. Cells with an increased volume have a tendency to want to return to their original size over time without the required conditions for maintenance.

Contrast With Weight Training

This curbed enthusiasm for achieving the best body possible after training for many years so when starting penis enlargement recently it was great news that this isn’t the case and it s much easier to maintenance what I work hard for after taking a good lay off period due to a multitude of reasons. The process of creating new cells is what’s called hyperplasia which is the splitting of an original cell into two. Looking online at male enhancement sites this is often called cytokinesis.

Going back to training skeletal muscle in bodybuilding there is only a few rare instances where cell splitting can possibly occur being when excessively stretched under tension for a while (an exercise such as dumbbell flies with holding it at the bottom for a minute for example), prolonged exercise with high rep and also fast speed repetitions but under some resistance ( a perfect example is samples taken from swimmers shoulders with an increase in cell number even if the cells weren’t any larger compared to an untrained individual) and also when exposed to growth factors such as growth hormone over a certain level.

How To Apply It

What can be learnt from this knowledge of increasing cell number in skeletal muscle when we are target smooth muscle and connective tissue in the penis? Some same principles can be used for increase in the number of cells.

Two of these ways that can be utilized are

Providing a good amount of stretch which the hand exercises, penis extenders and even the penis pumps with the build up blood stretching the surrounding tissue.

Optimizing a good level of growth hormone (GH) through diet and getting good sleep

A well-balanced diet with plenty of vegetables should be consumed for the nutrients and the avoidance of fast food and consumption of a high amount of sugar (can slow wound healing). Tobacco, alcohol and caffeine should be decreased or avoided for better growth and repair especially when it comes to them interfering with the quality of sleep. There is no magic foods that are going to create massive amounts of growth hormone but some of the best ones to have if you want is broad beans (also known as fava beans), pineapple, coconut oil (though you shouldn’t have too much due to the high amount of saturated fat), a sprinkle of gelatin on food (similar benefit as bone broth) and some amino acids such as l-arginine, l-ornithine, l-citrulline to name a few. Those amino acids aren’t just for nitric oxide but are growth hormone releasers aswell. The GH release is actually due to the nitric oxide increase. In theory those amino acids work the best just before sleep.

These foods aren’t going to make a huge amount of difference but they are worth noting. What is more important is getting a good amount of high quality sleep which you should be getting anyway for the growth and repair process to work at its best. The process happens when awake also but just a lot more in a fully rested state.

I have used for a short amount of time as part of weight training the GH releaser mk-677 which would give a much stronger effect, not that I’m encouraging it or even saying that its needed. If you want to have a look at the diet section for increased sexual performance click here.

Different Responsiveness

Smooth muscle is more prone to cell division than skeletal muscle hence the reason pro bodybuilders get excess organ growth causing a gut bulge even with low bodyfat from the formation of new smooth muscle cells when large amounts of growth hormone are taken. That’s bad news for them aesthetically on stage but good news when it comes to male enhancement, not that such large amounts will be needed or you will be even exposed to as we will be making it internally and not from an artificial source outside the body. That mk-677 would be mentioned above would be equal to a very weak dose of synthetic GH being not enough for organ growth.

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