Methods For A Premature Ejaculation Cure


Before I start writing about this subject I want to say that it will not be a very difficult task to write better content than the vast majority of sites on the internet. No other topic related to male enhancement has so much misinformation and just generally the same repeated garbage that leaves you with no real benefit. I myself have experienced some premature ejaculation(PE) from time to time so it isn’t a foreign subject to me. Looking at ways to prevent this problem on the net has only helped so much with no real long term solution and giving mediocre results at best. Asking a doctor about it was not usually that much better.

Over time, I however have managed to build up a helpful techniques of overcoming this very common dilemma that affects both the young and old of the male gender. Hopefully by the end of this you will have a bit more of an idea for creating a premature ejaculation cure.

The Ridiculous Cures

I have heard this old trick a number of times by distracting the mind during intercourse. Should methods of doing this are such as counting numbers in your head, thinking about something completely different such as a sports game or even thinking about something completely unsexy to help delay ejaculation.

This from my understanding prevents any ‘being in the momentness’ or some like to say using the vague term being ‘spontaneous.’ This will definately cause less of a fifulling experience for you, the guy experience PE but also your partner especially it being a woman as they really like the being in the moment connection.

There is the technique of using the ‘stop start method’ which also goes by the name of ‘edging.’ This involves when feeling close to point of climax to stop for a while such as 30 seconds before re-continuing. The method can be done alone or with a partner. Being done alone would purely help with training the mind for orgasm control to combat PE if done over a long time. Training the mind isn’t such a silly idea as I believe quite a bit of this PE is to with the subconscious mind. This still doesn’t create great results in a hurry.

What does sound a bit ridiculous though is no just as a way of training the subconscious but a way of extending the very same session of intercourse by using the ‘stop start method’ when with a partner. I guess it can be used sparingly with a partner but not frequently as a way of prolonging the action which kills the in the moment and spontaneous vibe discussed previously.

Another poor option is using local anesthetic creams on the penis to help things last a bit longer. This in a way kills a lot of the very purpose of bedroom action (maybe apart from reproduction). If you aren’t getting any feeling then what’s the point sort of thing, wouldn’t you agree? This would be more of a way to impress your partner more than anything so I understand to a certain degree but it still takes away a lot from the experience. Rubbing off of the numbing agent onto your partner could also be legit problem in turn delaying anyone from getting much feeling. I think you get the idea that it’s just not the most ideal premature ejaculation cure out there.

What The Doctors Will Give You

If you go to the doctors and you explain your problem of PE there is a very likely chance that they will prescribe you an antidepressant drug that boosts serotonin in the brain. These are what are also referred to as SSRIs class of drugs. The reasoning behind this is that when depressed patients were given these drugs back in the heyday a well noted side effect was delayed orgasm therefore it was worked out that increased serotonin in the brain helps to prevent cumming too soon.

I have tried this method and works somewhat to a degree though it isn’t without flaws. I did find it delayed orgasm a reasonable amount. Enough to be easily noticeable but definitely no magical elixir, being that it might extend the duration of stimulation you can take before the point of no return by about 50% from my experience. Having said this I wouldn’t be surprised however if you do get better results if you get a strong enough reaction from the SSRI medication to create what’s known as neurogenesis which means the creation of new brain cells. It has been debated for some years now but it is now considered that the adult brain can grow new brain cells yet this only happens in a few areas of the brain. That’s just a side note but if that does happen the creation of new cells could very well make the benefits of treating PE a fair bit greater.

I should also say that the antidepressants are designed to be taken for well over a month, being easily three months or more for the purpose of treating PE but also for their original and main intended use of mood improvement. Talking about improvement of mood being stressed or anxious will surely have a negative effect on your orgasm control easily making you into what some may say as a minute man.

During the duration of being on these meds one of the main ways this is meant to act as a long term cure is by training your mind being more so the subconscious to get used to lasting longer with each session of sexual stimulation. Over time this ability for increased staying power should become second nature is how this theory goes. I personally don’t like the terms staying power or also stamina when making reference to prolonging the time before climaxing but will just to change things up in this post.

The downsides of increasing serotonin to solve this problem is a reduced sexual drive along with more of proneness to have erectile dysfunction. The increase in problems getting an erection shouldn’t be a problem for most of the young guys but could still be experienced after an orgasm where it takes more time to recover and get an erection again. This is referred to as the refractory period which the SSRI drugs will increase. Have heard that porn stars with their legendary performances offset this problem by taking large doses of viagra. Anything to give yourself an edge I guess especially if you risk losing your job with a bad performance.

To be honest this maybe one of the best solutions to try out if your serious about tackling this problem but this is mainly due to the vast majority of alternatives being not that great. Try for yourself. The results maybe from not that great to being close to curing the whole problem. I wouldn’t be surprised by either outcome.

Other Ways

Looking at what others have to say and I look at a whole range of websites including a few YouTube clips and it’s all very similar and not the best advice. Actually I come across reasonably often women being experts on PE. Not being sexiest but that would be like a guy being an expert on mensuration or a blind man talking about photography.

Some vague concepts I have come across is releasing tension from the body will help you last longer. They mention about loosening any muscles that tighten up before climax. Might have a small benefit but not great. Definitely not an earth-shattering revelation. Not exactly the same but bringing up the topic of tension, any anxiety, stress or hyperventilation will have quite a bad result on being able to last a decent amount of time more so in the short term but also to a reasonable degree long term.

I do take it that if your looking on a premature ejaculation cure you still experience this troubling condition not just while being anxious.

As a general rule of thumb anything that gets you over excited eg caffeine (not the best example) or illicit drugs such as stimulants or psychological over stimulation is not going to be the best for delaying orgasm. You want to be relaxed and with slow controlled breathing which leads me to tantra breathing which I will mention further on.

First some not uncommon supplements/herbs or teas that could be of some benefit to helping with sexual stamina are l-theanine, passionflower, tryptophan or even chamomile which I wrote about briefly in a previous post, all of which are natural relaxants.

All of these slow the mind down and in doing so slow the body down to help relax by either increasing as mentioned before serotonin levels or gaba. These are the two main neurotransmitters which will help keeping those sensations under control to last longer as opposed to the neurotransmitter nor epinephrine or nor adrenaline which will have a tendency to worsen PE. One of the main things that causes nor epinephrine to increase is when under emotional stress or anxiety. That’s probably a reason why performance anxiety is such a bad thing as it worsens PE not to mention it’s not the best for erections causing a self fulfilled prophecy.

These herbs aren’t going to make a huge amount of difference but they are worth trying if PE is an issue for you. Like a lot of things they will probably work best when you first use them. There maybe other herbs and supplements that also work on gaba and serotonin like ashwagandha but these are the ones I’m most familiar with.

On other sites about PE, when I talk about how you want a relaxed body and mind, they may mention it as symphathetic vs the parasymphatetic state. When the symphathetic nervous system is activated it prepares yourself for ‘flight or fight’ mode which you don’t want to be in when discussing the topic of PE. You want to be in the parasymphatetic state which is the involvement of your usual bodily functions when in the resting state. Thought I would mention that quickly as I have seen it a few times in this context.

Out of all the herbs that I have come across there is one that stands out above the rest for increasing stamina in the bedroom and that is the common pacific plant root known as kava. Thought I would keep it separate from the other herbal remedies as this one does stand out. Tried it a few times and from the very first time, I felt a definite chilling out feeling in mood that’s long-lasting for over a day. I found out later that this tranquilizing reaction converted over quite well for extra staying power.

This plant root is very cheap and easy to prepare. Warm water is meant to be used as excess heat damages some active chemicals. I just used a few teaspoons mixed with water and it worked a treat for quite a long time. In fact, I have read that a reverse tolerance can be experienced with subsequent doses being stronger than when first taken. I didn’t notice too much of a reverse tolerance but I didn’t find that I built up a tolerance either. Definitely recommended if want to treat this condition.

Alcohol I found to be a great temporary cure for PE. This will only work if you your erectile health fully in check or otherwise it will be compromise with being able to control orgasm at the expense of not being fully hard. Quite possibly what would be worse would be getting what’s known as brewers drop when wanting to numb/control the feeling just slightly. I say numb but not quite like when I was commenting on the anesthetic cream earlier. Don’t want to seem like I’m contradicting myself when I say that it is a very effective way but only if you can get a hard on at the drop of a hat. This like kava, l-theanine and chamomile work on gaba in the brain.

Some Physical Methods

The use of the pumps Bathmate or Penomet will cause a noticeable ability to last longer with a stronger result being noticed if the pumping session has been done recently as in within only a few hours beforehand so this is a method you could try out. Not bad these items having other additional bonuses to them.

Other devices such as weight hangers will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which will give the same result as kegels but even greater. This will also make a noticeable difference as the same muscles involved in ejaculatory control get quite fatigued when doing the weight hanging exercises.

You could include kegels and reverse kegels which many have stated gives a good result.

There is a practice called tantric sec which is only a subset of a whole ancient philosophy called Tantra. The tantric sex wouldn’t be the easiest thing to master and also not for everyone but the concept works to put it simply by doing a mixture of performing when approaching orgasm, having deep breathing with some saying circular breathing or a meditative type inhaling and exhaling. This is incorporated with letting the built up feelings around the genitals to dissipate throughout the rest of the body giving a whole body orgasm. As I said this wouldn’t work for the vast majority of guys but there a rare few that swear by it.

As there is a limited knowledge about this subject the idea of using hypnosis for treating this particular ailment isn’t such a outlandish idea bearing in mind that this involves the subconscious mind to a fair amount. This would always be worth a shot depending on what your goals are. Hypnotic therapy could very well change any negative subconscious thoughts. If it doesn’t help even the placebo effect could serve a purpose for a premature ejaculation cure or maybe not.

Last but not least having the correct healthy lifestyle could be of some help when preventing PE. Won’t get quick instant results but usually being in good shape will improve this condition. That means eating healthy and not making bad choices.

Running and other cardiovascular exercise will be a good aid towards erection health and lessening premature ejaculation. Aerobic exercise has a whole host of great rewards such as better heart health and even helping with brain function as a better oxygen supply to the brain will result to just name a few. Aerobic exercise will encourage the occurrence of neurogenesis in the brain and as discussed earlier this may be of some help with PE. Having said that neurogenesis isn’t the easiest to achieve.

I myself have felt the benefits of the at the very least, the occasional run with improved feeling of well-being, better sexual health and even with writing this website I find a run to help me cognitively to think more clearly.

What Do You Want To Know More Of

Again this was another piece of writing where I was trying to keep parts short yet could write on for a lot longer. If you have an interest in me addressing anymore particular areas within this topic feel free to ask a question and I will follow up with more detail. This will be a great help also to me as when writing this I only have a fairly good general idea of where my audience what me to target.



  1. Hi Andrew,

    we need to be aware of such matters and need to be aware of Premature Ejaculation. In fact, I noticed that if I went to the doctor because of this problem, the doctor asked to take the antidepressant drug. Because these drugs can be compared to drugs. And from this, the side effects can begin.
    Thanks for your great post. Really the article will be very helpful to us.

    • As mentioned in my post that seems to be the standard fix for treating the condition which may not work in a large percentage of cases not to mention the side effects.

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