Penis Enlargement – Why it is Important

A Matter Of Confidence

For a small investment in money and some sacrifice in your time(and not much if you follow my advice) you will have a permanent sized package that you are confident about that you know can delivery satisfaction. Penis enlargement is a rewarding activity that will last the rest of your life. A large penis is held in high regard by both men and women alike. This will make a difference between a quite good lover and an amazing lover in bed. Having a decent sized tool and knowing how to use it which I think goes more hand-to-hand than people generally believe(I mean how can you feel what to do if you are too small to feel much at all) is seen as more impressive by more people than any oral or finger technique.

The Different Methods

The methods used are dived in between manual hand exercises and devices you can buy. The hand techniques are obviously free to use but usually take longer to see results, tend to be more boring, less fun and what you need is penis enlargement to be mentally stimulating enough that you remain consistent with the activity. I know that I didn’t keep the hand exercises up to same degree as with using the penile exercise contraptions. The hand exercises are made of hand stretching exercises, bending and forcing blood into the glans. There is also kegel exercises to could be added to this group that don’t involve using your hands. This is more for better erections and for combating premature ejaculation with no direct effect on penis size. To read about them further look at hand exercises.

You could also divide the exercises into ones that emphasis girth and ones that focus more on length gains. Of the hand exercises bending and stretching are more length dominant, while forcing blood for more engorgement is more for girth.

Now for the penis enlargement devices – there is the traction device(also called penis extender) that provide a constant tension by tying a strap behind the head of the penis and gently from the base by 2 plastic arms holding it together. The arms have little adjustments for increasing the length over time. The extender can be worn under clothing so you can carry on with your usual daily activities while wearing it. It might just make moving around a little awkward and it need s to be worn for at least 4 hours during the day. This is perfect for if you watch a fair bit of TV or movies. This is obviously more for length gains.

If you are experienced with penis stretching and want to take things a bit further and speed up the rate of your results with length, you could try weight hanging from your penis. There are a few of these devices sold commercially. I’m guessing there only a few from reading around on the internet as this method of stretching is a bit more risky and has a much higher chance of an injury. Bearing that in mind I advise you to progress with this slowly as the last thing you want is a permanent injury which would make all your previous work useless. In fact, you will quite likely be worse off than before you started. I have personally made a very basic weight hanging device with 2 small door hinges attached with screws and bolts. I had a rubber sleeve to make it more comfortable(only just bearable) and after using it a few times for 20 minute sessions I decided to buy a weight hanger professionally made. Those 20 minute sessions with those hinges digging in feel much longer. Anyway using this method will make stretching a lot more time efficient with two 20minute sessions being ample. To look more at weight hanging click here

The devices I use for girth gains are using the penis clamp and Bathmate(the most commercially sold penis pump). Penis clamping is quite fun and doesn’t take much time aswell. Make sure you have a full erection before using so maximum blood flow is achieved, then clamp at the base. This traps the blood already inside by closing off the vein that takes blood away from your member. There should be a feeling of increased pressure in the head accompanied with a very mild pain as blood is stretching out the vessels of the penis so after regular use it is trained to hold more blood. The clamp should come with a silicon sleeve to provide comfort to the area where the clamp is applied. A simple yet effective method. Highly recommended. Click here for more info.

Bathmate is the first water pressured pump and with over one million satisfied customers there must be more to it than a regular penis pump. Its more comfortable and produces better results from my own observation. Fun to use aswell and can be combined with hand techniques like jelqing for solidifying those gains. Check out the Bathmate page here.

I should also say that another way to give the illusion of increased length without increasing your length is to reduce your bodyfat if you do carry a fair bit of excess fat around the midsection. Possible to gain 0.5 to a full inch from taking care of this alone.

Size Does Matter

The Scams Made And Surgery

I’m just going to briefly mention about surgery which I would definitely not suggest. The downside to this is the large expense, the not lived up to results and the side effects such as nerve damage, deformity and loss of erection quality. There are 2 types of surgery for the penis. The lengthening procedure which involves cutting a ligament at the base to give a modest increase in length eg 1-2 cms.

Also, there is the procedure for girth which uses your own fat cells or silicon injected to widen out the shaft. Both with significant risks.

There are a lot of scams out there about pills and potions to increase the size your endowment. These pills they will generally have aphrodisiac herbs so they may increase your libido so not a complete waste of money in that regard, though you would probably need more of the herbs than want could be contained in a pill even if it is a concentrated extract. I’m well familiar with these herbs and yes they mostly do work for boosting testosterone levels and in doing so help with erections but only in larger quantities and even then wouldn’t be powerful enough to cause an increase in penis size, not unless you are still going through puberty and then there might be a possibility for penis enlargement. So if its purely a size increase you want you maybe disappointed. As I like to experiment I have taken this one step further and have used the very androgenic DHT gel aswell as Halotestin(another very androgenic drug which I used mainly for gym training) both at the same time and got a very small increase when my body wasn’t used to these substances. So what I’m getting at is even if you did push your phallus artificially with a very androgenic cocktail the increase is going to be minor therefore physical exercises are the way to go.

Yes It Is Possible

Yes it is possible for penis enlargement to occur but it does take time and dedication. You can’t be on and off with the methods used and you need to be consistent. If you keep it up(no pun intended) you will see gains from month to month. Just with bodybuilding you need the exercise, the rest as you do grow outside training and you need the correct lifestyle/diet. Now saying lifestyle/diet, we are talking about a small part of the body so this isn’t anywhere near as important as if you are training your body in the gym but don’t expect gains to come easy if you are smoking away, drinking heaps and have a very poor diet.

And so yes size does matter for the VAST majority of men as they havn’t reached optimal size yet. I don’t know why this debate ever comes up and unless your one of the rare few that are genetically gifted you can get great benefit from penis enlargement but only if done safely.



  1. I have to say you took this article in a professional manner despite of the topic whichnI’m pretty sure not all people are comfortable to read. Believe it or not it was actually my first time to read about certain exercises that helps enlarge manhood. Basically from what I knew, it’s either pills or a costly enhancement surgery. As you tackled about surgery, I’m beginning to understand how natural ways are always the better option to avoid nerve damages in the future. As  reader, I think your.methods are not harmful gif done properly with the aid of products such as Bathmate. It’s great that you shared this method!

    • Yes I back up studies with personal experience. I don’t go into detail about surgery as it has a big trade off with decreased function at best but may write about it more in the future. Pills are overrated and use of them alone won’t do a thing. Slow and steady progress for injury free results is the best way to go. Pulling/stretching can very well create changes to a body part. Just think about the tribes that stretch their necks or earlobes.

  2. From a lady’s first hand experience: size does matter – guys with “on the large side” fella are straight up lazy lovers because they think the size will take care of everything. Wrong. 

    You do not need a big D to satisfy your partner. In fact, many women don’t even orgasm vaginal but only clitoral.

    Speaking of confidence, sure, if you want to enlarge your penis for your personal reasons then yes, by all means..I mean women took out of proportions with boob jobs, butt, nose, lips, eyebrow jobs…you get my point. Do it as Andrew suggests, naturally, with tools and exercises.

    At the end of the day, it matter how you feel about yourself and if a bigger penis will make you a happy man, nobody should tell you not to do it.

    Thanks Andrew for this great info on penis enlargement!


    • They may be a lazy lover if having a large D is all they have known but its unlikely that an once average to an above average endowed lover is going to become any more lazy. Maybe a lot of women havnt orgasmed vaginally due to not finding a well endowed lover in the first place. I know hardness and stamina are also important which I touch on in my website. Size doesn’t take care of everything but it still is important.

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