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One of the best ways to get the most out of these penis exercises that I have seen many times a part of a routine is to warm up first. This means getting a towel/cloth dipped in hot water so just a few degrees under being hot enough that it will cause burning. This causes tissue to expand and helps with blood flow. Better results and a reduction of injury will be the outcome from this.

There are several variations around the same exercises eg for stretching there will be multiple versions of stretching at slightly different angles putting emphasis on certain areas of the shaft and ligaments. Also, there are exercises that combine stretching and bending together but all the exercises are variations of a pull, a bend or jelq(forcing blood to stretch the shaft or glans).

List Of Pulling Exercises

For the pulling exercises using your hand a mild amount of stimulation should be used to get a small amount of blood flow but no more than 50% erection should be used. You want your tool to be easily bendable but also a bit enlarged.

Basic stretch which is just holding behind the glans with an ‘ok grip’ and pulling away from your body.

The double stretch which is the same as the basic stretch but with another hand with the same grip at the base. The hand at the head pulls away as usual but the hand at the base can either pull in the opposite direction increasing the stretch in the shaft or pull in the same direction increasing the pull at the base.

With the basic and double stretches a rotating motion can be implemented to stress the penile tissue from every side eg pulling to the left will stretch the tissue more on the right side.

For a more advanced stretch the ‘twisted stretch’ or ‘bundled stretch’ can be thrown into your training routine. This stretch, with the additional twisting helps with girth increases by targeting other internal connective tissue. The more twisting involved the more the emphasis on girth gains there will be. Start off with twisting the penis for a minimum of 180 degrees. 360 or more would be better. Then proceed as you would with the ‘basic stretch’ by pulling away. Once finished for stretching for at least 30 seconds for one rep stretch again by twisting the opposite way. Just with all these exercises make sure to exercise just as much on left side as the right side for even development. In this case with the ‘twisted bundle’ exercise just as much twisted in one direction as the opposite direction.

The ‘A Stretch’ where you pull from behind the head away from the body with one hand and use the other hand/wrist to apply upwards pressure from below the base. The upper part of the shaft gets stressed while doing these lots of penis exercises. Alterations to this exercise are using a rod or stick(needs to be round otherwise will be uncomfortable) that can be used placed along the upper thighs instead of the hand and the dick having to be pointed down and backwards to create an obstacle to exaggerate the stretch. Another small change that could further be made is abandon using the rod and just pull the penis between the legs for a different angle of stretch. This stretch as with all the other stretches should be held for at least 30 seconds.

The ‘V stretch’ which is the opposite of the ‘A stretch’ where the hand near the base pushes down from above to stretch the lower part of the shaft.

The Bending Exercises

Here is a few straight forward bending exercises that are personally some of my favorites among the hand exercises. I do them quite often after a session of using the penis extender. Now just cause they are some of my favorite amongst the hand exercises doesn’t necessarily mean that they are that much better. First of all instead of partially erect like with pulling exercises I want to be fully erect. The harder the better. I first push down (not pull) on my erection near the tip so a good stretch is felt along the top. This shouldn’t be painful but a really good stretch is best. Hold for a minute

. If you want you can hold longer but make sure you don’t lose your wood. This can be repeated a few times during your session but I like to alternate with side stretches to the left and right and then go back to pushing down again.

With the side stretches to the left, I push near the head with my right hand across my body and have my left hand holding still as an obstacle on the left side of the shaft about an inch or more from the base to amplify the stretch. I hold this for 60 seconds or more just like the previous stretch and then swap over to target the opposite side (the right) which means positioning the hands the opposite way. Spend just as time targeting the left as the right unless you want to correct an already preexisting curve to one side.

Pumping Blood Through- Jelqing Exercises

With jelqing the erection that is needed is up to 80% for optimal results. 50% being the minimum needed but no full erection as you don’t want to be rigid to allow a bit of give while squeezing. This is a very old technique that has stood the test of time. It is one of the fundamental penis exercises when using hand techniques. This can be combined with using devices to get a bigger benefit. I often combine this in between my sets of Bathmate pumping and I do notice the effect as opposed to when I just used the Bathmate alone.

When Jelqing you want to use a lubricant as the friction will be too much for your skin. There are a variety of lubes to use, some obviously being better than others. For lubricant, coconut oil can be used or even better castor oil as this is thicker so your hand won’t slip so much. Having your hand slip less creates a more intense jelqing session as per rep will last longer but before I go any further I will describe how to jelq.

The ok grip

After lubing up the shaft you want to form the well-known ‘ok grip’ among jelqers by forming a circle with the bent thumb and index finger. You then proceed with a tight grip at the base to stroke all the way up, squeezing the blood within, till reaching the beginning of the glans and stopping there. This will force the blood along stretching the connective tissue along the way. That will be one rep. When first doing this, the duration of one rep should last around 3 seconds. As you get more used to the exercise a slower rep can be used up to about 8 seconds. This will cause more of an intense pressure on the sides of the shaft emphasizing the girth gains more. The beauty of this exercise is that there is a pulling motion combined with a build up of pressure from the blood therefore this exercise acheives both length and girth.

Of the basic variations there is the single hand jelq with one hand that returns to the base after finishing one rep at the glans.

The double jelq which is a little more intense, where one hand is at the base and the other at the end of the rep and the hands alternate so when the hand is finishing off the other hand starts at the beginning of a repetition.

A slight adjustment to the double jelq is where hands come together to meet at the mid shaft causing the pressure build up and hence the girth gains to be more in the middle section.

I have also heard of jelqing to help improve incorrect curvature to one side of the penis if while you jelq you pull to the opposite side. I cannot comment on the effectiveness firsthand as I don’t have this problem.

Record Your Progress

This like a lot of the training for penile enhancement does take patience but stick at and be persistent and I have given you a number of penis exercises that can be done just by hand so there is a fair bit of variety even without any apparatus.

A problem that has been documented, that I have come across a few times is, if not acquiring gains in size but you are still training your dick is that with continual stresses being applied the connective tissue will become tougher and won’t be able to stretch in length or diameter as easily before. This means that you should record your progress every few weeks and if not any improvement after a time like 6 weeks, take a break and then change up your training a bit to a new regime.


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