Penis Extenders

A commonly used piece of apparatus for male enhancement is the  penis extenders with a wide selection of them being able to be bought online. They are part of ‘must have’ devices used by guys who are serious about their penile enhancement. Using them does require a big commitment but the results will be rewarded as has been documented in a few medical journals.

How The Device Works

Penis extenders work by providing a pulling traction force that causes elongation beyond its natural state in the flaccid state for hours at a time(minimum 4hours per day) with at least 5days of use per week. This causes micro-tears over time which is meant to create gaps in the tissue which get filled up fresh new cells. The result is an increase in the amount of cells with more length and slightly more girth. They are safe to use as the tension force isn’t that high but is held under tension for a long duration. It has also been written about that the extender can also help correct abnormal curvature with peyronies disease. Another benefit that many have noticed is an improvement in erections with continual use of the device.

Things To Look For When Purchasing

  • 1) How durable is the material that is used. Is it made out of plastic or is it made from steel.
  • 2) How much traction is produced from the device. This is important as you will be wearing this device for a long time during the day so you want the best results for time spent with extender on so you want one with a high amount of traction.
  • 3) How comfortable is it to wear. Even more important as you need it to be as comfortable as possible if using for several hours in the day. Some extenders have two straps to spread any discomfort from friction burn. That can be an important factor as when using only one strap to compensate for needed grip, it needs to be pulled tight enough that when placed behind the glans, needs to be readjusted every hour or so as it is restricted too much blood to the tip. Also, some devices have wide straps to also spread out the friction force. All the different brands should come with foam or silicon rings to allow for cushioning under the strapping. A few of the newer models of rod extenders come with a suction cup in the front and this is usually thought of as on average being more comfortable.
  • 4) All the extender kits come with instructions but does it also come with a bonus dvds giving details about additional exercises that can be added to your regime.

All the brands should come with a money back guarantee if not satisfied with the equipment or the results.

The 2 Different Types Of Extenders

There are 2 main types of penis extenders out there. The ones with rods on either side with usually a strap but can also come with a suction cup. These rods can be adjusted to get the required amount of elongation while not pulling so much that the grip from the strap or suction cup is forced off. The downside with the rod built penis extender is that it isn’t easily concealed and hard to go about your day to day business without it being noticed or remaining firmly intact, even under loose clothing.

Penis Extender With Single Strap

The other extender system is the ADS or all day stretcher which is the belt system that uses a sleeve wrapped around the head and end of the shaft with a strap pulling on the penis on one end and being secured by a belt wrapped around a part of the body on the other end. Common areas to have the belt tied around on the body include leg(above or below the knee), or over the shoulder. This allows you to discretely have this stretching system discretely underneath your clothing doing its job throughout the day. The drawback of the ADS is that many say the stretch isn’t as powerful as the rod based device and with moving from example a sitting position to a standing position the amount of pull changes slightly.

The Versatility Of Extenders

Even with hanging which cuts down on the time that your need to have your phallus under tension due to the big increase when force being applied there is a theory that you even with the micro-trauma done to the cells in your penile tissue to get the very best results in length, the penis should remain in an elongated state for some time after. This is so there is space between the tissue for new cells to form. So a quick session with weight hanging even with how efficient it is with causing micro-tears is best with a session of using a penis extender straight afterwards. The process of the retraction of the member after a stretching session in the penile enhancement world is referred to as ‘turtleing’ Therefore that is another use of penis extenders to can be used in conjunction with weight hangers.

Will Work But Requires Dedication

The use of penis extenders does take a lot of dedication and patience with solely its use requiring at least 4 hours minimum for months of use, to gain at least an inch which is no small amount increase especially as they will be permanent gains. This process can be speed up with throwing in other exercises and devices as the perfect package will require more than a single exercise aswell.


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