Sizegenetics – By far the most popular penile traction device

With the large amount of extenders on market today it can be hard to decide which to choose from however there are a few that stand out above the rest. I have tried a few extenders from different brands and the sizegenetics is the most comfortable when purchasing the comfort or ultimate system out of the brands that have been around for a while. I’m not the only one to have such an opinion. There are some new generation extenders however that have only been in the market for a few years that give sizegenetics a run for its money in this regard. Having more comfort while wearing the device is a very important factor and this combined with its high amount of traction provided make this brand a winning combination. A large part of this is due to the many options you have with the accessories (advertised as 58 ways to arrange) that are provided in the kit that give you versatility with how you set up the extender. You can choose between the standard comfort strap, a silicon noose or the fairly new Velcro strap for placing behind the glans as this area of contact is where any discomfort will be felt.

With other extenders I have had to adjust them or take them off every hour to two hours due to the discomfort. This interrupts your progress having the ‘stretch’ applied stopped a few times during a session. I still have to take it off once in a while for when needing to go to the bathroom to urinate for example but there is not nearly the same degree of interruption.

The History And Background

Sizegentics is the most widely searched for brand being by far the most popular extender there has been for quite some time. It is based off the model now called the Jes Extender (same company) which was one of the first pioneer extenders when it first came out in the mid nineties, that doctors used as an aid for penile surgery. Sort of like when a limb gets put in a cast to remodel how a bone should be shaped; well that’s what they are doing with reshaping (in the case of peyronies disease) and enlarging the penis.

Therefore, sizegenetics aswell as Jes Extender are categorized as type 1 medical devices for treating peyronie’s disease . Sizegenetics is a modified version that came out in 2001 which is more popular among the mainstream as well as slightly less expensive on average as there are different priced packages of each. .

Sizegenetics comes with a one-year money guarantee where if you are not completely satisfied with the product they will give DOUBLE your money back. It does look from looking online that they do keep to this promise.

This popular brand has an abundance of positive reviews on the internet as well as in a few of the top magazines like GQ, with a very low return rate.

It is built more sturdy than other penis extenders I have used or seen with the arms made from steel rather than plastic. Coming in a leather casing with its own key gives the indication you’re dealing with a quality product.

The Different Packages

There are a number of priced packages of the Sizegenetics model.

4 Packages depending on your budget

The Value Edition which equips you with the basics to get started including the DVD guide on using the extender. The cheapest package.

The Comfort Package with more comfort accessories (16 way). More adjustment bars and an upgraded casing

The Ultimate System with additional skin lotion to ease skin possible irritation after hours of use, traction powder for a better grip and multi-directional head piece.I found the multi-directional head piece most useful when moving around occasionally. Allowed for much more comfort and for the device to stay intact perfectly when placed under loose clothing.

The curvature and peyronie edition is designed with the emphasis to fix this condition over size gains.

Peyronie disease is abnormal scarring in the penis from some type of injury. In bad cases it can cause erectile dysfunction and shortening making intercourse not possible and if it is quite likely painful.

The good thing is that you can buy spare parts if need be if they get damaged/lost or you buy the basic value edition kit and want additional parts. I recommend for not much more and getting more value for your money to either get the comfort or ultimate system from the very start.

Sizegentics Penis Extender

Get Straight From The Manufacturer

I have seen looking around on the net that you should only buy directly from the official website (which I did) as there have been problems when purchasing from other vendors and it would make it harder to make use of the 12-month money back guarantee. By that time you should have found out if the extender meets your expectations.

I see on the internet about improving blood flow and using ‘penis enlargement pills’ while using the stretcher but I never found it to be of great benefit when using this type of exercise.

Blood flow is more of an important factor when using the Bathmate or with Clamping but I found that while having the extender on any mental erotic stimulation that got me at least semi hard interfered with the traction process and getting hard and soft again lessened grip behind the glans.

Of course, you want a decent blood flow accompanied with a few daily erections to aid healing with all of these exercises (hand or device assisted).

Safe to use

The device although with a high amount of traction for a penis stretcher it is still well below what could cause any injury. A long stretch in duration is the aim instead of a short vigorous stretch allowing your body to slowly adjust to the stress applied. This gives it an advantage over more risky equipment such as penis pumps or hangers where injury, although not great if you take the precautions, is still more likely. Even hand exercises have a much higher chance of injury.

Final Note

Even though sizegenetics is one of the best out in the market for extenders it still will be a time-consuming process with 4 plus hours a day for 5-7 days per week for weeks/months on end to get the results you are longing for. If you are determined for extra size gains, well over an inch in length accompanied with a good gain in girth is commonly achieved.

Have come across a few sources eg websites, reviews that extenders do tend to produce more long term results over pumps but requires a much lager degree of dedication.

Some other brands worth noting

Jes Extender which is already mentioned

The new generation of extenders such as the Phallosan Forte

And the Penimaster


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